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Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1100.40 Academic Administrative Structure: Housing and Supporting Programs and Faculty
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1200.00 Calendar of Dates for Submissions to Provost’s Office and for Other Academic Activities
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1200.10 Calendar Additions for Accreditation Visits, Program Review, and Major Events
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1200.20 Academic Calendar and Appointment Periods
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1200.30 Official Class Times
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1200.40 Credit Hour Definition
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1200.50 Distance Education Online Standards for Courses taken for Academic Credit
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1210.00 Submission of Board of Trustees Agenda Items
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1220.00 University of Arkansas Open Access Repository Policy
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1220.10 Use of Copyrighted Materials for Educational and Research Purposes
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1230.00 Learning Management System (LMS) Policy
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.00 Personnel Documents
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.10 Assessing the Performance of Tenured and Tenure-Track Faculty: Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Decisions
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.11 Evaluative Criteria, Procedures and General Standards for Initial Appointment, Successive Appointments, Annual and Post-tenure Review, Promotion and Tenure
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.13 Guidelines for University and Distinguished Professor Appointments
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.14 Report on Annual Review of Faculty Performance for Arkansas Department of Higher Education
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.15 Teacher and Course Evaluation Procedures
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.16 Faculty Hiring Plans and Appointment Procedures
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.17 Instructions and Guidelines for Preparation of Nominations for the Alumni Association Faculty Distinguished Achievement Awards and the Charles and Nadine Baum Faculty Teaching Award
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.18 Summer Sessions Allocation and Appointment Policies and Procedures
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.19 Request for Graduate Faculty Status
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.20 Intersessions
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.21 Appointment, Annual Review, and Reappointment of Endowed Chairs and Professorships
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.50 Faculty Governance Support
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.101 Schedule of Deadlines and Notifications for Tenured, Tenure-Track Faculty and Non Tenure-Track Faculty: Appointment, Promotion, and Tenure Decisions
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1405.111 Initial and Successive Appointments, Evaluation and Promotion of Non-Tenure Track Faculty; Merit-Based Appointments in Excess of One Year
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1406.10 Faculty and Non-Classified Staff: Employment File and Office of Record
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1406.20 Faculty Handbook
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1406.30 Textbook and Course Materials Policy
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1407.10 Academic Affairs Administrators: Appointment, Service, and Performance Review
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1407.20 Guidelines for Fifth-Year Review of Deans
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1420.10 Application for Leave of Absence without Pay
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1420.11 Notification of Intention to Take Extended Sick Leave
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1430.10 Faculty Grievance Policy
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1435.40 Proposals for Off-Campus Duty Assignments
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1435.50 Faculty Ranks and Titles, Qualified Faculty, and Research Assistant and Research Associate Positions
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1435.60 Annual Request to Board of Trustees for Authority to Exceed Maximum Legislated Salary Level for Exceptionally Well-qualified Academic and Non-academic Personnel
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1435.70 Faculty Salary Funding Incentive Plan
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1440.10 Annual Report on Income from Public Agencies
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1440.11 Annual Report on Corporate Positions Held
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1440.15 Annual Report
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1450.10 Outside Employment for Compensation and Conflict of Interest and Commitment
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1474.10 Faculty Service Award Process
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1475.10 Emeritus Status
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1480.10 Grades and Records of Student Performance
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1500.00 Eight-Semester Degree Completion Policy
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1500.10 Date of Graduation Policy
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1500.20 Final Examination Policy
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1500.30 Tuition Adjustments for Eligible Graduate Students
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1505.20 Senior Walk Eligibility
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1505.30 Honorary Degrees: Policy, Procedures, and Implementation
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1506.00 Policy, Procedures, and Implementation for Awarding Posthumous Degrees
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1520.10 Reasonable Accommodation and Course Substitution for Students with Disabilities
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1520.20 Reasonable Accommodation for Exam Administration
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1535.10 Institutional Response to Solicitations for Limited Numbers of Proposal Submissions
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1540.10 Presidential Scholar Nominations
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1550.20 Academic Advising of Undergraduate Students
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1550.30 Financial Benefit to Instructor from Student Materials: Conflict of Interest Resolution
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1620.10 Program and Department Review
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1620.11 Program and Department Review Schedule
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1620.12 Self-Study Template for Non-Accredited Programs
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1621.10 Academic Program Terms and Definitions
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1622.10 Course Change Approval Process
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1622.11 Course Review Process
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1622.12 Course Delivery Mode Definitions
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1622.20 Guidelines for Proposing Program Changes and Approval Process
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1622.30 Centers and Institutes
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1630.10 Student Academic Achievement and Degree Program Outcomes
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1640.10 Class Size Standards
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1650.10 Online and Distance Education
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1655.10 Workforce Training/Education Reporting
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1810.10 Room Function Change
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1835.00 International Travel of Students, Faculty and Staff
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1858.10 Class Cancellation
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1900.10 Employee and Student Data: Use and Security
Academic Policy (ACADEMIC) 1900.20 Use of UAConnect Data by Direct Access Users
FPP (VCFA) 101.0 Board of Trustees Meeting Dates
FPP (VCFA) 102.0 Board of Trustees - University of Arkansas
FPP (UDEV) 203.0 University Development
FPP (OEOC) 203.1 Accommodations for Disabilities – Employment, Programs and Services
FPP (OEOC) 203.2 Pregnancy, Childbirth, or Related Medical Conditions – Employment Accommodations
FPP (AVCB) 204.0 Disabled Persons Van Service
FPP (VCDC) 204.1 OEOC Recruiting
FPP (VCAC) 204.2 Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility including Website Accessibility
FPP (UAPD) 205.0 Emergency Alerts, Safety Warnings and Campus Notifications
FPP (AVCF) 205.1 Employee Spouse/Dependent Tuition Waiver Expense Allocation
FPP (AVCF) 206.0 Spending Rate Policy: University Held Endowed Funds in the Unit Trust Pool
FPP (VCRI) 206.7 Export Control Compliance
FPP (VCRI) 206.8 Visiting Scholars and International Delegations
FPP (UREL) 207.0 Freedom of Information
FPP (UREL) 208.0 Graphic Identity
FPP (FAMA) 209.0 Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Shipping and Transportation
FPP (VCRI) 209.7 Policy on Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) Review and Approval
FPP (VCRI) 209.8 Protection of Human Subjects in Research
FPP (VCFA) 210.0 Inclement Weather, Emergencies, and Special Events—Campus Operations, Classes, and Personnel Obligations Inclement weather, compensation, emergency
FPP (VCFA) 211.0 Weather Emergency Procedure weather, emergency, communication
FPP (SGLC) 212.0 Legal Services Charges
FPP (AVCB) 213.0 Memorandum of Agreement between Campuses of the University
FPP (VCAD) 213.1 Policy for Naming Opportunities
FPP (UREL) 213.2 Permission to Print Publications for External Use
FPP (UDEV) 214.0 National Development Council By-Laws
FPP (OEOC) 214.1 Discrimination (Including Discriminatory Harassment) – Employment, Education, Programs and Services
FPP (VCFA) 215.0 Official Functions Policy
FPP (VCFA) 215.1 Policy Development – Fayetteville Policies and Procedures
FPP (REGR) 216.0 Program Listings and Codes
FPP (VCAD) 216.1 Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC)
FPP (UREL) 217.0 Public Information and Media Relations
FPP (VCAC) 217.1 Protection of Minors on Campus
FPP (VCFA) 218.0 Retention of Records
FPP (UAPD) 219.0 University Response Team
FPP (UAPD) 219.2 Sex Offender Notification Regarding the Campus Community; Residential Restrictions for Registered Sex Offenders
FPP (VCFA) 220.0 Contracting Authority Signature Delegation and Contract Review
FPP (UDEV) 221.0 Solicitation Programs
FPP (UREL) 221.1 Sponsorship Acknowledgement on Web Sites
FPP (VCAD) 222.0 University of Arkansas Foundation, Inc. By-Laws
FPP (VCAD) 222.1 University of Arkansas Foundation Expenditure Guidelines
FPP (VCAD) 222.3 University of Arkansas Foundation and Razorback Foundation Equipment Purchases
FPP (UREL) 225.0 University Web Sites and Online Communications
FPP (UREL) 225.1 University Website Privacy
FPP (VCRI) 226.0 University of Arkansas Roles and Responsibilities for Financial Administration of Sponsored Programs
FPP (UDEV) 227.0 Determining Philanthropic Gifts versus Sponsored Grants
FPP (AVCF) 301.0 Abatement Procedure for Uncollectible Accounts Receivable
FPP (AVCF) 301.1 Agency Funds
FPP (AVCF) 301.2 Customer/Sponsor Receivables and Billing/Invoicing
FPP (ATHL) 302.0 Airplane Usage Costs--University Airplanes
FPP (ATHL) 302.1 Non-University Owned Aircraft
FPP (SGLC) 303.0 Bankruptcy
FPP (AVCF) 304.0 Bank Account and Other Financial Institution Signature Authorization
FPP (AVCF) 305.0 Bond Payments
FPP (AVCF) 305.1 Capitalization of Intangible Assets
FPP (AVCF) 305.2 Capitalization Thresholds for Buildings/Facilities and Other Improvements/Infrastructure
FPP (VCFA) 305.3 Carry Forward at Year End
FPP (AVCF) 306.0 Cash Handling Procedures
FPP (UITS) 306.1 Cellular Communications
FPP (AVCF) 307.0 Collateralization Guidelines
FPP (AVCB) 308.0 Use of University Resources in Competition with Private Sector
FPP (AVCF) 309.0 Payment Card Processing
FPP (AVCF) 309.1 Payment Card Security
FPP (AVCF) 309.2 Payment Card Incident Response
FPP (AVCF) 309.3 Payment Card Policies Glossary
FPP (AVCF) 310.0 Cut-Off Dates for Fiscal Year Accounting
FPP (VCRI) 310.1 Direct Cost Policy
FPP (AVCF) 310.2 Foreign Gifts and Contract Reporting
FPP (AVCF) 311.0 Departmental Deposits
FPP (VCRI) 311.1 Expense Transfers Related to Sponsored Activities
FPP (AVCB) 312.0 Independent Contractors vs. Employee Relationship
FPP (HMRS) 312.1 Implementation of State of Arkansas 1,500 Hour Rule for Extra Help Employees - Limitation of 1,250 Hours for Fayetteville Campus
FPP (AVCF) 312.2 Imprest Funds
FPP (AVCF) 313.0 Installment Payment Plan for Tuition and Fees
FPP (AVCB) 313.1 Internet Access—University Payment for Off-Campus Locations
FPP (AVCF) 313.2 Inventory/Equipment Capitalization Thresholds
FPP (AVCF) 313.3 University Equipment
FPP (AVCF) 313.4 Property Accountability
FPP (AVCF) 313.5 Identity Theft Prevention Program (Red Flag Detection and Response)
FPP (AVCF) 313.6 Information Technology Asset Management (ITAM) Policy
FPP (AVCF) 314.0 Investment Policy – Operating Funds
FPP (AVCF) 315.0 Investments - Donated Stock and Other Marketable Securities
FPP (VCAC) 317.0 Lab Breakage Fees
FPP (GOVR) 317.1 Lobbying Activity, Certification and Reporting Related to Federal Grants, Contracts, and Cooperative Agreements
FPP (MAIL) 318.0 Meter Mail Guidelines and U.S. Postal Regulations
FPP (MAIL) 318.1 Campus Mail Information
FPP (HMRS) 318.2 Out of Budget Cycle Base Salary Increases
FPP (AVCF) 319.1 Outstanding Checks
FPP (AVCB) 320.0 Parking & Traffic Fees
FPP (AVCB) 320.1 Parking, Charter Bus, and Bus Stop Use for On-Campus Events
FPP (AVCF) 321.0 Undeliverable Paychecks and Final Compensation
FPP (AVCF) 321.1 Payroll Check Fee for Lost Check
FPP (AVCF) 322.0 Payroll Deadlines
FPP (AVCF) 322.1 Payroll Deductions
FPP (AVCF) 323.0 Direct Deposit of Pay
FPP (AVCB) 323.1 Pre-Payment and Deferred Payment Policy
FPP (AVCB) 323.2 Prizes and Awards
FPP (AVCB) 324.0 Contracts for Services - Professional and Consultant Services (PCS) Contracts and Technical and General Services (TGS) Contracts
FPP (RSSP) 324.1 Property Transfer—Sponsored Projects
FPP (AVCF) 324.2 Property Transfer - Non-Sponsored Programs
FPP (UREL) 325.0 University Communications, Brand and Mass Email Usage
FPP (VCAC) 326.0 Retired Faculty Budgeting Process
FPP (AVCF) 327.0 Returned Payments
FPP (AVCF) 329.0 Salary Overpayments
FPP (AVCF) 329.1 Salary Overpayments—Guidelines on Invoicing
FPP (VCRI) 329.2 Sponsored Programs – Financial Responsibility
FPP (AVCF) 330.0 Tuition and Fee Adjustment Policy for Dropping Classes
FPP (AVCF) 330.1 Transaction Approval
FPP (AVCB) 332.0 Travel Advances
FPP (AVCF) 332.1 Agent Advance
FPP (AVCB) 332.3 Travel Administrators
FPP (SADE) 332.4 Travel for Students Representing the University of Arkansas
FPP (AVCF) 333.0 Use of the University’s Employer Identification Number (EIN)
FPP (VCRI) 333.1 Indirect Cost Recovery Distribution
FPP (HMRS) 401.0 Advertising of University Positions
FPP (HMRS) 402.1 Background Checks and Substance Abuse Testing
FPP (HMRS) 402.2 Substance Abuse Testing and Campus Implementation of Drug-Free Workplace; Medical Marijuana
FPP (HMRS) 403.1 Compensatory Time
FPP (VCRI) 404.0 Disclosure and Management of Potential Conflicts of Interest and/or Commitment, including Outside Activity
FPP (UAPD) 404.1 Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD)
FPP (HMRS) 404.2 Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
FPP (VCRI) 404.3 Effort Certification
FPP (HMRS) 405.0 Tickets - Employee Discount for Athletic Tickets
FPP (HMRS) 405.1 Employing Nonresident Alien Faculty and Staff
FPP (AVCB) 406.0 Personal Use of University Equipment/Services
FPP (UAPD) 406.1 Evacuation of Buildings
FPP (HMRS) 407.0 Extra Compensation Policy
FPP (HMRS) 407.1 Unit Pay Policy
FPP (HMRS) 408.1 Guidelines on Taxable Fringe Benefits
FPP (VCAC) 409.0 Half-Time Status for Graduate Students
FPP (VCFA) 409.2 2024-2025 Holiday Schedule
FPP (FAMA) 409.3 Keys for University Buildings and Rooms
FPP (HMRS) 409.4 Use of Leave at the Birth or Adoption of a Child or Placement of a Child for Foster Care
FPP (HMRS) 409.5 Acute Communicable Illnesses: Protective Measures and Leave Procedures in the Event of Outbreak
FPP (AVCB) 410.1 Licenses and Certifications—University Payment
FPP (HMRS) 410.2 Notification Procedures in Case of Breach of Privacy
FPP (VCFA) 411.0 Line Item Salary Maximum
FPP (VCFA) 411.1 Moving Expenses
FPP (HMRS) 411.2 Performance Evaluation
FPP (HMRS) 411.3 Permanent Residence for Nonresident Alien Employees
FPP (HMRS) 411.4 Nursing Support for Working Mothers (Ark. Code Ann. § 11-5-116, 29 U.S.C.A. § 207 (r)(1))
FPP (HMRS) 412.0 Retiree Status
FPP (HMRS) 412.1 Social Security Numbers - Nonresident Alien Employees
FPP (HMRS) 412.2 Taxation of Nonresident Alien Employees, Students and Visitors
FPP (HMRS) 412.3 Flexible Work Arrangements, Including Remote Work
FPP (FAMA) 413.0 Vehicle Safety Belt Policy
FPP (FAMA) 414.0 Policy on Wearing Uniforms – Facilities Management
FPP (HMRS) 415.0 Use of External Staffing or Temporary Agencies; Temporary Workers
FPP (UAPD) 416.0 Campus Violence Policy and Procedures
FPP (HMRS) 417.0 Staff Participation in Diversity Programs
FPP (OEOC) 418.1 Title IX Policy for Complaints of Sexual Assault and Other Forms of Sexual Harassment
FPP (HMRS) 419.0 Faculty Modified Work Assignment for Maternity and Paternity
FPP (HMRS) 419.1 Non-Classified Staff Modified Work Assignment for Maternity and Paternity
FPP (HMRS) 420.0 Employee Educational Development Incentive
FPP (VPSA) 502.0 Crisis or Catastrophic Emergency, Death or Serious Injury or Illness of a University Employee or Student: Notification and Response Guidelines
FPP (STFA) 503.0 Semester Deadline for Distribution of Internal Financial Aid
FPP (AVCF) 503.1 Financial Aid Disbursement and Refunding
FPP (VPSA) 504.0 Fraternities and Sororities on Campus
FPP (AVCF) 504.2 Student or Student’s Spouse Called Into Military Service
FPP (AVCF) 504.3 National Guard Tuition Benefits
FPP (VPSA) 504.4 Missing Students
FPP (AVCF) 505.0 Registration: Withholding of Registration Privileges, Transcripts and Diplomas (HOLDS)
FPP (EMSP) 506.0 Residence Status for Fee Purposes
FPP (VPSA) 507.0 Room and Board Rates
FPP (VPSA) 507.1 Freshman Residency Requirement for University Housing
FPP (VCAC) 508.0 ROTC Scholarship Agreement
FPP (HMRS) 509.1 Student Hourly Employees
FPP (VCAC) 509.2 Scholarship Criteria, Evaluation and Records Policy
FPP (VCFA) 511.0 Tuition
FPP (VCFA) 511.1 Student Fees
FPP (AVCF) 512.0 Tuition Waiver Employment Benefit
FPP (AVCF) 513.0 Tuition and Registration Fees for Students Participating in Sponsored Projects
FPP (VCFA) 514.0 Fees for Credit Offerings with Off-campus Experiences
FPP (EMSP) 515.0 General Student Fee Waiver for Students Sixty Years of Age or Older
FPP (EMSP) 516.0 Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship for Students with $4,000 or More University-Based Scholarship(s)
FPP (VPSA) 517.0 University Programs Operations
FPP (AVCF) 518.0 Tuition and Fee Adjustment Policy for Official Withdrawal
FPP (VPSA) 519.0 Immunization Policy for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella
FPP (FAMA) 700.2 Accident and Injury Reporting
FPP (VCAD) 700.5 Alcohol Policy for University Special Events
FPP (RSSP) 701.0 Animal Care and Use
FPP (UAPD) 702.0 Bomb Threat Policy
FPP (VCFA) 702.1 Building Executives - Duties and Responsibilities
FPP (UAPD) 702.2 Building Security – After Hours
FPP (FAMA) 703.0 Campus Roads, Streets and Parking
FPP (FAMA) 704.1 Construction and Renovation Project Support Services Cost
FPP (FAMA) 705.0 Construction--Time Allowances for Initiation of Construction
FPP (FAMA) 705.1 Construction-Project Cost Estimating Guideline
FPP (FAMA) 706.0 Construction Change Directives
FPP (FAMA) 707.0 Construction Change Order Proposals
FPP (FAMA) 708.0 Use of University Facilities and Outdoor Space
FPP (FAMA) 708.1 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Drones) - Use on University Property
FPP (FAMA) 710.0 Flag Protocol Policy
FPP (FAMA) 710.1 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Switching
FPP (FAMA) 710.2 Hazard Communication Program
FPP (FAMA) 711.0 Commemorating Landscape Gifts
FPP (FAMA) 711.1 Mechanical/Electrical/Boiler Room Usage
FPP (AVCF) 712.0 Method of Financing Form – Processing Procedure
FPP (FAMA) 714.0 Facilities Management Project Cost Estimates
FPP (FAMA) 715.0 Facilities Management Maintenance Responsibilities
FPP (FAMA) 715.1 Open Burn and Open Flame in University Facilities or on University Property
FPP (AVCF) 716.0 Plant Funds Requisitions
FPP (FAMA) 717.0 Portable Buildings on Campus
FPP (FAMA) 718.0 Animals on Campus
FPP (FAMA) 718.1 Public Water System Cooperative Compliance Agreement
FPP (VCFA) 718.2 Building Razings
FPP (AVCB) 719.0 Guidelines for Real Estate Transactions
FPP (VCAD) 720.0 Real Estate Donations to the University and the UA Foundation
FPP (FAMA) 721.0 Recycling Program
FPP (UAPD) 721.1 Security for On-Campus Events
FPP (UAPD) 722.0 Use of In-Line Skates, Roller Skates and Skateboards
FPP (FAMA) 723.0 Exterior Signs and Publicity on Campus
FPP (VCFA) 724.0 Smoking Policy/Tobacco Use Policy
FPP (FAMA) 726.0 Space Standards Guidelines
FPP (UAPD) 727.1 Timely Warnings
FPP (VCRI) 727.2 Toxic Substances Use on Campus
FPP (FAMA) 728.0 Campus Trees, Removal and Replacement
FPP (FAMA) 730.0 Vegetation Management Policy
FPP (FAMA) 731.0 Vehicles on Campus Sidewalks and Hardscape
FPP (HMRS) 732.0 Workplace: Presence of Children, Other Family Members, or Friends
FPP (FAMA) 733.0 Vehicle Identification Policy
FPP (ATHL) 801.0 Athletic Department Sports Camp Telephone Use
FPP (ATHL) 802.0 Athletic Director's Official Party Policy
FPP (ATHL) 803.0 Championship Rings and Awards Policy
FPP (ATHL) 804.0 Sky Boxes - Complimentary Use of
FPP (AVCB) 804.1 Tailgating and Game Day Outdoor Use Policy
FPP (ATHL) 805.0 Tickets, Complimentary for Athletic Events
FPP (ATHL) 806.0 Tickets - Pricing for Athletic Events
FPP (ATHL) 807.0 Travel Authorization for Athletic Teams and Other Groups
FPP (ATHL) 899.9 Test
FPP (UITS) 900.0 Code of Computing Practices
FPP (UITS) 901.0 Computing Resources Use and Allocation
FPP (UITS) 909.0 IT Services Supported Software
FPP (UITS) 911.0 Data Security Incident Response
FPP (UITS) 912.0 Highly Sensitive Data Clean Desk and Clear Screen Policy
FPP (UITS) 913.0 Information Security Policy Exemption
FPP (UITS) 921.0 Data Classification
FPP (UITS) 922.0 Data Management, Use and Protection
FPP (UITS) 924.0 Data Disposal
FPP (UITS) 925.0 Backup and Recovery Systems
FPP (UITS) 926.0 Data Loss Prevention
FPP (UITS) 933.0 Antivirus and Anti-Spyware Requirements and Virus Reporting
FPP (UITS) 936.0 Mobile Device Security
FPP (UITS) 941.0 Secure Passwords and Passphrases
FPP (UITS) 946.0 Privileged Access to Sensitive University Data and Data Systems; Device Administrator Restrictions
FPP (UITS) 960.0 Acquisition of Enterprise Systems
FPP (UITS) 964.0 Telephone Use
FPP (UITS) 980.0 UARKnet Organization
FPP (UITS) 981.0 UARKnet Connection
FPP (UITS) 982.0 Fiber Optic Cable Management

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