Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  324.1 

Property Transfer—Sponsored Projects

Research and Sponsored Programs Procedure for Handling the Transfer of Property Purchased for Sponsored Projects to Another University:

The University of Arkansas with the prior approval of the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration (DF&A) may transfer expendable and non-expendable property purchased for a sponsored project when the principal investigator transfers to another institution. The University may approve such transfers when the following conditions are satisfied and University procedures are followed. The conditions and procedures are set forth below. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THE UNIVERSITY OR DF&A WILL APPROVE THE TRANSFER OF PROPERTY FOR ANY REASON.

  1. Conditions
    1. The sponsoring agency’s written terms and conditions do not prohibit transfer of property purchased using agency funds.
    2. The Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration approves the transfer in advance.
    3. The University (department, unit, business office) approves the transfer in advance.
    4. The property is necessary for the completion of the work.
    5. The property is not required for use by other faculty and/or students.
    6. The University receives fair market value for the property.
    7. The receiving institution pays all shipping and handling costs associated with the transfer.
  2. Procedures
    1. The principal investigator (PI) notifies the office of research and sponsored programs (RSSP) of his or her intent to transfer to another institution and his or her desire to transfer a sponsored project grant/contract/cooperative agreement) and/or associated property to the other institution.
    2. The PI compiles a list detailing the property requested to be transferred using the form attached herein.
    3. The department head/chair transmits the list along with his or her approval to the unit head (dean, etc) for consideration.
    4. The unit head transmits the list with his or her approval to RSSP.
    5. RSSP seeks approval from the University’s Business Affairs department for transfer.
    6. RSSP distributes copies of the approved transfer to the PI, the department, unit, Business Affairs, and Financial Affairs.
    7. RSSP coordinates with the department to effect the transfer and invoice the receiving institution.

For further information go to Research and Sponsored Projects website.

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