Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  721.1 

Security for On-Campus Events

To ensure the safety and security for on-campus events, the Director of the University Police Department (UAPD) shall be informed of all on-campus events with an expected attendance of 500 people or more that utilize campus grounds or facilities.

Security Assessment

If (1) an event is expected to have 500 or more people in attendance; or (2) if a security assessment is requested by a university official; or (3) if, in the opinion of the organizer, the event might require security, then, in all such instances, the organizer must contact the Director of UAPD or the Director’s designee at least three business days prior to University approval of the space reservation. If the Director or his designee recommends that security be provided for the event, UAPD will provide a brief description of the expected arrangements and estimated costs; such costs shall be the responsibility of the event organizer as a condition of approval of the reservation along with any other required costs.

The University of Arkansas Police Department will have sole authority for arranging police and security services and personnel for all events which occur on the grounds or facilities owned or controlled by the University.

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December 5, 2000