Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  212.0 

Legal Services Charges

Occasionally, it is necessary for the administration of the University to engage private attorneys to provide legal services for the University. After the appropriate authorization has been received via the Professional Consultant's Contract and/or legal retainer, the following procedure should be adhered to:

The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration has the responsibility for paying legal fees for the campus. In order to ensure that invoices are paid in a timely fashion, it is necessary that the following actions be taken:

  • Please direct all correspondence relative to legal services claims directly to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. Feel free to copy the Chancellor or anyone else that is involved.
  • Please assure that prior to committing funds of this institution you coordinate with the office of the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration so that estimates for the obligation and plans for the expenditure can be made.
  • Please assure that all required State paperwork to transact professional services contracts or legal retainers are initiated and completed prior to obligation of funding, OR coordinate with the VCFA so that office has the opportunity to initiate and complete the necessary paperwork prior to the obligation of funds.

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May 3, 1989