Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  723.0 

Exterior Signs and Publicity on Campus

The following policies apply to exterior signs and publicity on campus.

  1. Official signage on the campus must reflect the aesthetic quality desired for the campus landscape and provide only necessary and appropriate information.

  2. Roadway and Traffic signs, that is those signs necessary for the safe and effective movement of motor vehicles and pedestrians, shall be the responsibility of the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, the City of Fayetteville and the University Police depending upon jurisdiction. Installation, maintenance and repair of signs on University controlled property shall be the responsibility of the University Police with assistance of the Facilities Management Department.

  3. Transit system and parking signs to include pavement and curb markings shall be the responsibility of the Campus Transit and Parking Department. Transit system signs located off campus shall also be installed, maintained and repaired by the Transit and Parking Department with the approval/assistance of the appropriate municipality or roadway authority. The Transit, Parking and Traffic Committee shall address policy matters concerning transit and parking signs.

  4. Construction signs that are customary and agreed to in construction contract documents may be installed at/on a campus construction site for the duration of the construction contract. Construction signs are only permitted for the construction contractor as "general contractor" (all subcontractors, if listed, must appear on the prime contractor's sign). Construction signs must be secured to prevent movement and the possibility of injury to persons or damage to property. The number, size, material, mounting, and location of construction signs must be approved by the Facilities Management Department prior to installation. Construction signs must be removed by the contractor within five days after final completion, inspection/acceptance of the contract work. Should contractor fail to remove a sign within the five-day period, the Facilities Management Department will be authorized to remove and discard the sign and assess removal costs to the contractor.

  5. Signs informing the public of the source of funding for a construction project are allowed on request by the funding source. Funding signs must be secured to prevent movement and the possibility of injury to persons or damage to property. The number, size, material, mounting, and location of construction signs must be approved by the Facilities Management Department prior to installation. Funding signs must be removed by the funding source within five days after final completion, inspection/acceptance of the contract work. Should funding source fail to remove a sign within the five-day period, Facilities Management shall be authorized to remove and discard the sign without notification of the funding source, installer or campus unit maintaining the location of the unauthorized sign.

  6. Subject to all other to all other University policies, including with respect to acknowledgment of properly authorized sponsorship agreements, advertisement signs shall not be permitted on campus. Disallowing advertising signage preserves the campus for its educational mission, prevents visual clutter and assists the campus to maintain impartiality with respect to supporters of the University and its programs.  Further, UA Systemwide Policies and Procedures 715.1 states: “University facilities exist to carry out the University’s educational objectives. Subject to official economic development initiatives of the University and services officially authorized by the University to enhance the educational setting for students, faculty and staff, University facilities may not be used for the conduct of private business activity. . . . Any uninvited private business solicitation, including any private fundraising activity, in University facilities or on University grounds is prohibited.”

  7. UA Systemwide Policies and Procedures 720.1 significantly restricts access to and use of roofs and exterior walls of buildings.

  8. Identification of gifts to the campus shall be governed by the policy on commemorating landscape gifts. The Campus Landscape and Grounds Committee shall review any variance requested from this policy. Any commercial sign or emblem installed on the campus without consent of the campus administration after review by the Campus Landscape and Grounds Committee shall be subject to removal and disposal without notification of the donor, installer or campus unit maintaining the location of the unauthorized sign. The donor shall be responsible for any damages or ensuing costs to the University resulting from such installations.

  9. Building identification signs whether free- standing or affixed to the building shall reflect the desired aesthetic quality of the campus and shall be in harmony with existing permanent signs or an approved master sign plan. Requests for new signs, alterations or removal shall be reviewed by the Campus Building Committee and the Campus Landscape and Grounds Committee. Requests for new signs and alterations shall include a dimensioned drawing of the sign, description of materials, mounting methods, precise location desired, exact wording to appear on the sign and details of provisions for lighting, if applicable.

  10. Temporary banners and signs to announce special events and student activities conducted by members of the campus community as defined under Policy 708.0  shall be permitted on campus. Banner signs which are tied to existing structural elements shall be affixed only after approval as to location, safety, and protection of property by the responsible authority (e.g., Director of the Arkansas Union or University Housing) and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration. Banners intended to be affixed to landscape elements (e.g., poles in the ground) shall be installed only after prior approval from Facilities Management. Banners, at any campus location, affixed without approval shall be subject to removal and disposal without notification.

  11. Handbills, notices and bunting shall not be taped or otherwise affixed to campus elements (walks, trees, light poles) or site furnishings (trash receptacles, benches, etc.). As with interior spaces where approved handbills are only permitted on bulletin boards, such materials are only permitted to be posted in designated exterior locations (kiosks, etc.). Handbills, notices and bunting taped or otherwise affixed to inappropriate campus locations shall be subject to removal without notification, and cleanup shall be billed to the sponsoring organizations or individuals.

  12. The following additional provisions apply to yard signs on campus.
    1. The purpose of allowing yard signs is to enable the temporary promotion of specific events and activities planned and conducted by university academic and administrative offices, registered student organizations, members of the campus community, and official university service providers.
    2. Private business advertising is prohibited.
    3. Signs must be 24 inches by 24 inches or less.
    4. Except for official yard signs placed by university academic and administrative offices, signs may be placed no more than [ten days] in advance and must be picked up 48 hours after the end of the relevant event. 

      Signs must be limited to generally accessible areas of campus and certain additional restrictions apply on location.  For more information see the Facilities Management website. Yard signs violating these requirements or other University policies may be removed by Facilities Management, held for up to 30 days, and then discarded if not reclaimed by the owner. 

      Separate policies apply to yard signs used in conjunction with student government elections.

  13. Subject to all other University policies, chalking on sidewalks (using water-soluble chalk) as a means of notifying the University community of an upcoming event is allowed. Cost of removal will be billed to the sponsoring organizations or individuals. Under no circumstances is chalking permitted on buildings, walls, roadways, or in parking lots or decks.

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