Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  407.1 

Unit Pay Policy

From time to time, it may be necessary to employ an individual to complete additional projects that are outside the normal scope of work for an appointed position. Under certain circumstances, these projects may be paid through unit pay. Unit pay is paid by the project and not by the hour.

For unit pay purposes, the individual may be a current University employee or an unaffiliated individual hired for a specific project. Current appointed University employees cannot receive compensation to exceed the maximum annual salary authorized for the position in which the employee is appointed.


  • Current University employees who are less than 100% appointed
  • Current University employees who are 100% appointed and eligible for overtime
  • Individuals who are hired temporarily for summer teaching and research
  • Non-academic service activities relating to non-academic programs and events (special events, sporting events, Commencement activities, etc.) Examples include ushering for athletic events, assisting as a sign language interpreter at Commencement, working a University parking lot for Walmart shareholders meeting, etc.


A unit pay wage rate must include a beginning date and an established end date that reflects the actual time for completion of the project. Unit pay wage rates should only remain active for the duration of the project. The comments section of a unit pay wage rate should include the reason or purpose for payment, total amount to pay, frequency of pay and duration of pay.

Examples for the Comments Section of a Unit Pay Wage Rate

  • Temporary lecturer for HESC 1023 Section 1 and 2 (6 credit hrs) Summer, 2011. Total payment is $1,500 per credit hr for a total of $9,000 (18 units)
  • Writer - 8.00 per published article
  • Photographer - $10 per published photo
  • Play by play announcer at baseball games - $120.00 per home game

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