Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  702.2 

Building Security – After Hours

All campus buildings are locked by Physical Plant Department personnel on a schedule agreed upon by the Building Executive and Physical Plant. This schedule varies from building to building. One of the charges of the Building Executive is building security.

Locking of the building is independent of who is remaining in the building at the scheduled lock time.

After the building has been locked, access to the building is by individual key or card. The doors can be set in an unlocked position by contacting Physical Plant to show an individual how to accomplish this when it is necessary to leave the building open for a specific reason.

University Police randomly check locked buildings and report to the Building Executive any areas that are unsecured.

Departments are responsible for security and access of the rooms under their control. If difficulty is encountered in enforcing the security or access by the department personnel, department personnel are requested to call University Police for assistance in enforcing department or university policies. University Police is responsible for training employees about security and access policies. Their Crime Prevention Unit is available to assist in training those individuals who will have security responsibility. They should contact Gary Crain at 575-2311.

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August 19, 2002