Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  980.0 

UARKnet Organization

The UARKnet computer backbone network was established in 1989 to provide network services and Internet access for the University of Arkansas campus. The IT Services Department is responsible for managing the University's network facilities. The Director of IT Services and the Manager of Network Services, who reports to the Director of IT Services, are administratively responsible for network management and development. This responsibility includes management of UARKnet's electronic equipment and cabling systems. Additionally, IT Services is charged with the responsibility of data and video cabling systems for all communications systems at the University. The IT Services Director and the Manager of Network Services should interact with the Computing Activities Council and managers of communications systems that use the fiber cabling system to secure advice on network policies, management procedures, and planning requirements of the network facilities.

The Chancellor appoints the Computing Activities Council (CAC) as his advisory committee on computer-related issues. The CAC acts in an advisory capacity to the IT Services Director on networking matters.

The Vice Chancellor's Council (VCC) is comprised of the vice chancellors and the chancellor. The VCC can review and/or approve major policies for network-related issues on the campus. The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration acts as the liaison for the VCC on issues dealing with the UARKnet network.

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