Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  213.2 

Permission to Print Publications for External Use

Any promotional publication intended for distribution to an audience external to the University of Arkansas campus community must adhere to official graphic standards and receive approval to print from the Office of University Relations prior to final production.

Before proceeding to obtain bids, departments must first fill out and submit a permission to print form to the Office of University Relations. Upon receipt of confirmation to proceed, departments may then move forward with the bidding and printing process. This procedure helps ensure good stewardship of state funds, and provides consistency in the visual image presented via printed materials.

A copy of the permission to print form and a hardcopy or PDF of the job intended for printing must be submitted to the Office of University Relations to ensure correct usage of university marks and graphic standards. Expect approval or, if needed, a request for changes to be returned within three working days. Following approval of graphic standards, the project may then proceed normally through the printing process. Failure to obtain permission will result in delays in production.

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June 1, 2009