Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  320.1 

Parking, Charter Bus, and Bus Stop Use for On-Campus Events

To ensure limited interruption to daily campus transit and parking activities, the Director of Transit and Parking shall be informed of all on-campus events requiring special parking arrangements, the use of Razorback Transit bus stops, or charter buses on campus.

It shall be the responsibility of any individuals or groups organizing an on-campus event requiring parking, charter buses, or the use of Razorback Transit bus stops to contact Transit and Parking. When contacted, the Director of Transit and Parking or his/her designee will assess the event and then advise the individuals or groups organizing the event whether special parking arrangements and personnel are necessary, whether Razorback Transit bus stops may be utilized, and where charter buses may load and park. If special parking arrangements or personnel are required, the Director or his/her designee will advise the person or group organizing the event of the number of personnel necessary, the reason for their assignment, and the anticipated cost of the deployment. The Director or his/her designee will coordinate with the University Police Department for any assistance needed for charter bus operations.

The use of Razorback Transit bus stops, by other than Razorback Transit vehicles, is prohibited without prior approval from the Director or his/her designee.

The Transit and Parking Department will have sole authority for arranging parking services and personnel for all events that occur on the grounds owned or controlled by the University with the exception of Athletic event priority parking.

Section 1—Special Events Parking Procedures

These procedures will be followed for all campus events requiring special parking. The Director of Transit and Parking will approve all exceptions to these procedures and any exception will be for one event only.

All special events will be planned with the least possible disruption to daily parkers. On campus residents will be moved only when necessary and all other area parking lots have been fully utilized.

The Director of Transit and Parking, or his/her designee, will determine which spaces may be used for event parking. This will be done on an event-by-event basis. The use of spaces for one event should not be considered approval for use of the spaces for any other or similar event.

Special events parking notification will be made to the campus by Transit and Parking through the use of signs posted in the parking lots to be closed for the event, information posted on the Transit and Parking web site, and communication with the department heads and building executives in the area of the special event.

All parking passes and drive through passes for special events will be provided by the Transit and Parking Department except athletic event priority passes. The number of athletic priority passes issued for each location will be coordinated with the Transit and Parking Director.

All events require at least two weeks advance notification to Transit and Parking to allow notification to the campus.

Vehicles that have not moved from the designated areas will be towed or relocated. The expense of towing a vehicle will rest with the vehicle owner/operator. The expense of relocating a vehicle will rest with the department hosting the special event, except for athletic event relocations from priority athletic lots, which will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

Transit and Parking will oversee the hiring, training and briefing of all special events parking personnel to ensure all employees will have the same information and to coordinate their actions. (See note under athletic events.)

Transit and Parking will be the point of contact for all special event parking questions except those involving athletic priority permit issuance.

Lot personnel will leave their posts only after being authorized to do so by their supervisor. Before leaving their posts, they will move all barricades and signs to the designated location.

During the event, barricades and signs will either be picked up or stored on site at a designated location.

The cost of all special events parking, including but not limited to enforcement, signage, permits, personnel, equipment and the standard reserved space fee will be charged to and paid by the sponsor of the event.

Transit and Parking will make every effort to provide parking for employees and students displaced due to special events; however, this may not be possible in all cases.

No permanent signs will be posted in a parking lot without the approval of the Director of Transit and Parking.

Resident Reserved permit holders will be allowed to enter and exit their assigned zones at all times during the event. Routes will be determined by the University of Arkansas Police Department (UAPD).

Transit and Parking will be responsible for maintaining a current copy of these procedures on its website and updating them as needed.

UAPD will be advised one week in advance of information needed for officer briefings, unless otherwise specified in this document.

Departments authorizing the use of their facilities for special events by organizations outside the university will advise the event sponsor of its responsibility to contact Transit and Parking to coordinate parking. The Facilities Department will provide a copy of the facility reservation form for applicable campus events to Transit and Parking.

Section 2—Athletic Events

All athletic event parking lots will be marked with permanent signs on the parking lot sign posts or separate sign posts stating the lot is an athletic event lot. These lots will be posted on the Transit and Parking web site with an explanation of the dates and times the lots must be cleared. The building executives and department heads in surrounding buildings will also be contacted so they can notify the building occupants.

The Transit, Parking and Traffic Committee will review the use of additional parking lots for athletic events. Additional lots will be recommended based upon evidence that all other available lots are fully utilized and that other campus activities are not unduly affected.

The Athletics Department will hire lot personnel for priority athletic parking lots. Foundation personnel will follow procedures approved by Transit and Parking, University Housing and the Athletic Department.

Resident Reserved permit holders will not be towed or relocated from their Resident Reserved parking lots.

The University of Arkansas parking policy concerning lost, stolen, altered or forged parking permits will also apply to priority permits. Vehicles may be cited, towed and impounded and the driver’s campus parking privileges may be suspended for one year.

The use of all athletic parking lots will be reviewed annually.

Section 3—Athletic Event Parking

Event parking will be coordinated between the Associate Athletic Director for Event Management and the Director of Transit and Parking or their respective designees.

Priority parking permits will be supplied by the Razorback Foundation and/or the Athletics Department depending on the nature of the athletic event.

Section 4—Football Parking

Parking lots to be used for home football games are indicated on the football parking maps on the Transit and Parking website. Vehicles will be relocated from designated lots beginning at midnight prior to kick-off.

Priority RV’s will be parked at the Road Hog Park at 1159 West 15th Street.

Non-priority and visiting RV’s will park in the parking lot on the west side of Road Hog Park, if space is available.

UAPD will be advised two weeks before each football game of information necessary for its briefings.

Section 5—Men’s Basketball Parking

Parking lots to be used for home basketball games are indicated on the basketball parking maps on the Transit and Parking website. They are to be cleared by two (2) hours prior to home ballgames, but not before 5 p.m. on weekdays with the exception of lot 73, which must be cleared by but not before 6 p.m. prior to home ballgames.

Section 6 —Women’s Athletic Events

Parking lots to be used for home athletic events are indicated on the maps on the Transit and Parking website. They are to be cleared by two (2) hours prior to home athletic events, but will not be cleared prior to 5 p.m. on weekdays.

The metered spaces in the Meadow Street Parking Garage will be shared by the Health, Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) customers and athletic event fans. The metered spaces will not be cleared or reserved during HPER operating hours. Parking meter payment will not be required during an athletic event.

Available spaces in the other non-Resident Reserved University of Arkansas parking lots may be used after 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and on weekends. These will not be cleared nor will spaces be reserved for fan parking.

Lot 59 will not be cleared or reserved for weekday athletic events. Unoccupied spaces may be used after 5 p.m.

Lot 45 will not be cleared or reserved for weekday athletic events prior to 5 p.m. It may be reserved after 5 p.m. upon request.

Section 7—Women’s Basketball Parking

Vehicles parked in lot 55, 56D, 60 and 62 will be cited and relocated two hours prior to women’s home games, but no earlier than 5 p.m. on weekdays.

Section 8—Women’s Softball and Soccer Parking

Citations will not be issued in lot 56 for no permit violations from two hours prior to until two hours after the game.

Section 9—Volleyball, Gymnastics Parking

Lots 59 and 45 will be reserved for fan parking after 5 p.m. weekdays and at designated times on weekends, for athletic events. The lots will not be cleared.

Section 10—Charter Buses

Charter buses on campus can create traffic and pedestrian safety issues. Passenger boarding shall occur only in designated areas to provide the least disruption to daily campus operations and the most safety for passengers. Charter bus operators shall contact Transit and Parking at least five business days, or as soon as they receive the request, prior to their on-campus event to coordinate bus routes, parking and boarding locations. Charter bus operators failing to contact Transit and Parking to coordinate on campus events may be prohibited from parking or providing services on campus.

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