Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  516.0 

Non-Resident Tuition Scholarship for Students with $4,000 or More University-Based Scholarship(s)

This program is available to all non-resident (for fee purposes) undergraduate students, effective with the 1989-90 academic year. Non-resident tuition scholarships will be awarded by the Academic Scholarship and Financial Aid Office in any semester in which the student qualifies when the total of University-based and controlled scholarships reaches $4,000 or more. The University will not disburse cash from this award, as the award will only be applied directly to the student's tuition account based on a percentage of the difference between the in-state and out-of-state tuition (i.e., a check will NOT be issued from this account).

To qualify for this scholarship, the non-resident student must:

  • Be a full-time (24 credit hours or more per academic year) undergraduate student.
  • Have been awarded and accepted university based and controlled scholarship(s) in at least the total amount of $4,000.
Effective for new students starting Summer 2019, Fall 2019, or Spring 2020
Percent of Non-resident Tuition Scholarship Freshman Criteria Transfer Criteria Current Student
90% Non-resident Tuition Scholarship ≥ 3.60 GPA; and ≥ 28 ACT / 1310 SAT ≥ 3.20 cumulative transfer GPA N/A
80% Non-resident Tuition Scholarship ≥ 3.40 GPA; and ≥ 26 ACT / 11240 SAT < 3.20 cumulative transfer GPA Receives at least $4K in University scholarship(s) for the first time as an upperclassman
70% Non-resident Tuition Scholarship < 3.40 GPA; or < 26 ACT / 1240 SAT N/A N/A
  • Please see the SAT Redesign policy for information regarding SAT scores prior to March 2016.
  • Students reclassified as residents will forfeit this scholarship.
  • This scholarship is not available to students receiving employee or employee dependent fee adjustments for the semester.
  • Appeals and reinstatements should be directed to the Scholarship Review Committee, soappeal@uark.edu. Current University of Arkansas GPA and hours completed, state of residence, financial need, and any extenuating circumstances may be considered by the committee.

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