Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  711.1 

Mechanical/Electrical/Boiler Room Usage

This Policy covers all Mechanical Rooms, Electrical Rooms, and Boiler Rooms, within the University of Arkansas Campus.

The inherent dangers and potential hazards associated with various types of complex equipment inside such spaces dictate that only authorized University construction and maintenance personnel, and/or authorized contractors hired by the University, shall have access to, or shall enter, these rooms. The potential for serious injury or death mandates that this policy be strictly enforced.

The International Fire Code 2000 Edition Section 315.2.2 states that “Combustible material shall not be stored in boiler rooms, mechanical rooms, or electrical equipment rooms.” Storage of any kind, except that which pertains to the maintenance of the equipment in that facility, is prohibited.

The usage of any Mechanical Room, Electrical Room, or Boiler Room within the campus, for purposes other than its designed usage, is without exception prohibited.

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January 6, 2006