Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  219.0 

University Response Team

The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, has established a University Response Team for the purpose of reviewing issues or incidents of a major or significant matter to the campus. The University Response Team is composed of the following positions:

  1. First Call Members
    Director, University Relations
    Director, University Police
    Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
    Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
    Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
    Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
    Vice Chancellor for Government and Community Relations

  2. Additional Members
    University Associate General Counsel

  3. The University Response Team will operate within the following general guidelines:
    1. Whenever a major issue emerges on the campus, or a major incident occurs, the University Response Team will function as an ad hoc group to help manage the situation in the most effective manner possible. The overall best interests of the institution, its students, faculty and staff will be the focus of the team.
    2. The purpose of the team is to assure that all data and information available is accurate, shared with the group as a whole, and that timely and appropriate decisions can be made by the institution to address the pressing problem at hand.
    3. Any member of the University Response Team may call a meeting of the group whenever they feel a major issue is at hand, or a major incident has occurred. This individual will be responsible for arranging the meeting, and it will be called on an immediate basis. The first meeting of the University Response Team is to include all "First Call Members" of the team, unless there are obvious reasons why some may be excluded.
    4. The main purpose of the first meeting will be to determine if a major issue/incident has occurred, and this will require a close review of all facts. If the team does not feel a major issue or incident is facing the University, the team will have no further meetings.
    5. If the Team feels that there is a major issue or incident facing the University, at a minimum, the following action must be taken:
      1. One member of the team will be elected as leader for this entire issue/incident. This person is responsible for directing the team through the entire issue/incident, including any postincident follow-up. This includes calling meetings and other management requirements, but it does not imply this individual will make all decisions relative to University action. The University Response Team will make recommendations for all action to the Chancellor.
      2. The University Response Team will take the following action relative to the composition of the Team:
        • The Chancellor and the University Associate General Counsel will be immediately included in the meetings (if not already the case).
        • Any of the "First Call Members" may be released from serving on this issue/incident. This may be necessary from time to time for issues/incidents that are not related to some area of campus operation
        • The Team may add other members to the group, for on individual issue/incident, if approved by all members.
    6. The University Police Department acts as an independent agency relative to criminal investigation and reporting. UAPD must follow state requirements, and needs/demands of the local prosecuting attorney (as requested). The University Response Team therefore has no jurisdiction over any police matters relating to any campus incident or issue.

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July 1, 1991