Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  420.0 

Employee Educational Development Incentive

In order to increase the degree completion rate among employees and to develop the University’s human capital, the University of Arkansas will provide an employee educational development incentive for degree completion, subject to the following provisions.

  1. Qualifications (all are required)
    1. University benefits-eligible staff
    2. Must meet employment requirement prior to the date the degree is conferred
    3. Newly attain, subsequent to beginning employment with the U of A,  a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree from a college or university with accreditation by an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education
  2. Participation Requirements
    1. Complete an application (Complete the Application for Educational Differential)
    2. Obtain approval signatures from the appropriate supervisor, dean/director, and vice chancellor
    3. Submit form and required documentation to the address provided on the form
  3.  Documentation
    1. Completed application from a qualified employee meeting the participation requirements
    2. Final official transcript showing degree conferred subsequent to beginning employment with the U of A, from an accredited college or university; the date of degree attainment shall be the date that the degree is conferred by the college or university, as shown on an official transcript
  4. Effective Date
    1. Effective date for the incentive determined by Human Resources after documentation is received and confirmed, but in no event prior to the date the degree has been conferred and full documentation has been submitted and accepted
  5. Educational Development Incentive
    1. One-time lump sum bonus of 6% of base salary; see exclusions/limitations (base salary at the effective date)
  6. Exclusions/Limitations
    1. The maximum educational development incentive is the lesser of 6% of base salary at the effective date conferred or $6,000
    2. Limited to one educational development incentive per qualified employee
    3. The degree cannot be included as a special requirement or minimum qualification established for the position held at the effective date
    4. The degree cannot be an additional degree of a type already held by the employee; for example, an employee would not be eligible for the incentive for attaining a second bachelor’s degree or a second master’s degree
    5. If granting the educational development incentive would have the effect of exceeding the line item maximum or the career pay level for the grade assigned to the employee, the educational development incentive will not be considered as exceeding the maximum
    6. This policy is subject to change in accordance with Arkansas law
    7. The University reserves the right to modify, suspend or discontinue this policy at any time if necessary due to financial constraints

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