Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  225.0 

University Web Sites and Online Communications

In order to create and maintain an appealing and navigable system of web pages for the University of Arkansas, and to alleviate the technical burden placed on university departments, all official, non-personal university web pages are to be managed and maintained using the university-wide content management system that is administered through the Office of University Relations.

All official, non-personal university web sites must comply with graphic and web standards maintained and enforced by the Office of University Relations, and the creation of such web sites must be done in collaboration with the office.

All of the aforementioned web sites are subject to review by the Office of University Relations for consistency with the overall university design and for appropriateness of language and site architecture.

Non-official web sites, including those created and maintained by registered student organizations (RSOs), faculty class or course informational pages, and personal pages are exempt from this policy, but must still adhere to state and federal guidelines regarding accessibility. These sites, however, are restricted from using any University of Arkansas institutional graphic identity that might construe a site and its content as being officially endorsed by the university.

Non-official sites as outlined above must include the following disclaimer on every page (as stated in the Code of Computing Practices, Section III, H, 2). This disclaimer must be visible in full form, and not provided via a link:

“These materials are not endorsed, approved, or provided by or on behalf of the University of Arkansas.”

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