Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  503.0 

Semester Deadline for Distribution of Internal Financial Aid

All award decisions for internal student financial aid (scholarships, etc.) should be complete by the end of the fourth week of classes. Therefore, all Schools and Colleges (and any other University programs that distribute financial aid to students) should have all award decisions finalized by the end of the fourth week of the semester. Allocations after this time can often be added into the following semester's aid package. However, internal financial aid awarded after the start of the semester may result in an over award and cause a reduction in the amount of financial aid received. 

It is in the best interests of the students and the institution to make financial aid award decisions as early as possible. All programs should have the financial aid allocation decisions made in the spring or summer prior to the fall semester. If this is not feasible, awards decisions should be completed by the end of the fourth week of classes. This deadline will be communicated to departments for each semester.

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Revised, April 1999
November 8, 1989