Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  317.0 

Lab Breakage Fees

Departments should collect all lab breakage fees as soon after the incident as possible. A receipt of payment must be issued to the student at the time of payment. A copy of the receipt should be kept on file in departmental records for audit purposes.

Accepting Cash and Checks

All checks should be made payable to the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, not to departments, department heads, or other parties.

All checks must be signed and have the payer's name, local address, telephone number, and student I.D. number indicated on the check.

All checks should be stamped with a restrictive endorsement when received.

All cash and checks must be physically safeguarded in a locking drawer, locker, or safe. 


See Fayetteville Policy and Procedures 311.0 for instructions on Departmental Deposits.

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September 19, 1989