Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  318.1 

Campus Mail Information

Campus mail is a service provided by PMC Solutions-Mail to pickup and deliver interdepartmental mail. Since the daily volume of campus mail is substantial, all employees should be aware of the following information to ensure prompt and efficient delivery:

Address all campus mail according to the following format:

Name of Person - Example: John Smith
Department - Journalism
Building & Room Number - KIMP 116

It is imperative that the name of the department be included. Building abbreviations, departments and room numbers may be found in the campus directory. Please cross out all old addresses on campus envelopes to ensure proper delivery.

Limitations on items:

    1. Size:
      • Minimum size: Standard postcard, 3-1/2"x 5"
      • Maximum size: 12"x 15"x 2" thick and 1.5 lbs. in wt.
    2. Items:
      • No books larger than maximum size
      • No unsealed envelopes
      • No supplies

Campus mail provides for the distribution of written communication of reasonable size, shape and weight. Large items such as hardware, records, tapes, motion picture films, etc., should be sent to other offices by another delivery method.

All campus mail is picked up and delivered to departments by University mail officers. Campus mail is normally collected twice daily (due to volume, afternoons only on Monday or the 1st working day of a business week) from departments on campus. Campus mail is picked up once daily from departments in outlying areas or where mail volume is lightest. 

As a courtesy to university faculty and staff, PMC Solutions-Mail will occasionally pick up stamped personal mail from departments, along with other mail that is picked up at a regular location. Personal mail should be limited in volume and occurrence, be sealed, and have the correct postage affixed. All stamped mail should be kept separate from other mail. Personal mail cannot be billed to a departmental account.

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