Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  707.0 

Construction Change Order Proposals

Change Orders may be issued for several reasons. The project user committee may request design changes during construction; the contractor may suggest a design change to facilitate construction; unknown conditions may be discovered in the field that require design or schedule changes; or a Change Order may be required to provide additional scope following clarification to the contract documents. Change Orders may result in a change in the contract price and/or schedule. The entire process may take two months or longer to implement.

When considering Change Orders, a unilateral line of communication between the project architect and the project construction coordinator must exist. The construction coordinator has responsibility to request all pricing through the architect.

Change Order Proposals will be reviewed and approved by the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities or his designee. For projects involving the Division of Agriculture, Agriculture's representative will also review and approve the Change Order. During the proposal stage, the availability of funds will be verified through Facilities Management and Plant and Property Accounting.

On occasions when emergency and immediate action is required for work that will be approved through the Change Order process, a Letter of Intent to the contractor authorizing the work to be performed with assurance of payment may be issued. This requires the concurrence of the Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities (or designee). The Facilities Management Accounting Office will stamp the Change Order copies for Facilities Management and the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration's approval, and prepare a purchase requisition to be attached to the Change Order. After the required Facilities Management signatures are obtained on the Change Order and purchase requisition, the entire package is forwarded to Plant and Property Accounting for its review. It is then forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration for approval. After approval of the Vice Chancellor, it is returned to Business Affairs for forwarding to the System Office for approval of the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

The following is a condensed breakdown of the Change Order Process:

  • University staff asks A/E* to initiate a Proposal Request for the contractor to price work).
  • A/E prepares necessary drawings and specifications to clearly define scope of work change.
  • A/E submits Proposal Request to Contractor for pricing.
  • Contractor (through a Change Order Request) replies to A/E.
  • A/E forwards the Proposal to Facilities Management with recommendation.
  • Facilities Management evaluates any price and/or time extensions.
  • If the University rejects the Proposal, this is communicated to the A/E. A/E communicates to contractor.
  • If the University accepts the Proposal, this is communicated to the A/E. A/E is instructed (in writing) to proceed with a formal Change Order.
  • A/E prepares standard AIA Change Order Documents for signature of all parties, signs documents, and forwards the documents to the contractor for signature.
  • Contractor signs documents and returns these to A/E.
  • A/E forwards documents to the University for signature.
  • University sends signed copies to A/E and contractor.
  • When contractor receives signed copy and a purchase order, he is free to commence the work.

*A/E: Architectural and Engineering Firm

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