Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  504.2 

Student or Student’s Spouse Called Into Military Service

In accordance with Arkansas State Code 6-61-112, when a student or student’s spouse is activated for military service and is required to cease attending the University of Arkansas without completing and receiving a grade in one (1) or more courses, they shall receive compensation for the resulting monetary loss as provided under this policy. The student must cease attendance because 1) the student is activated or deployed by the military or 2) the student’s spouse is activated or deployed by the military and the student or student’s spouse has dependent children residing in the household.

To be eligible for compensation, the student must provide, prior to activation or deployment for military service, an original or official copy of the military activation or deployment orders to the Veterans Resource and Information Center or if the student’s spouse is a service member, the student shall provide proof of registration with the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System of the Department of Defense that establishes that dependent children reside in the household of the student or service member. Students cannot receive funds in excess of their loss due to military activation or deployment.

Upon leaving the University of Arkansas for active duty, a student may choose one of the three following compensatory options regarding tuition:

  1. The student may officially withdraw from the University of Arkansas and receive a full adjustment and refund of tuition and non-consumable fees for the terms involved. Students electing this option will not receive credit for any courses for the semester(s) in question; however, the academic record will indicate enrollment until the official date of withdrawal.

    Proportionate refunds of room, board and other consumable fees that were paid to the institution shall be provided to the student, based on the date of withdrawal. If the University of Arkansas contracts for services covered by fees, which have been paid by and refunded to the student, the contractor shall provide a like refund to the University of Arkansas. The student shall be offered the maximum price, based on condition, for the textbooks associated with such courses.

  2. The student can remain enrolled and arrange for a mark of “Incomplete” for each class for which he or she is enrolled, provided the work to date is of passing quality. In order to receive a mark of “Incomplete” in any course, the student must obtain agreement from the instructor. The student must be given twelve (12) months to complete all course requirements after their deactivation.

  3. The student may officially withdraw according to the University of Arkansas withdrawal policy 518.0 and receive free tuition and fees for one (1) semester after deactivation at the University of Arkansas where attendance had been interrupted unless federal aid is made available for the same purpose. Federal aid will not include: Pell Grant, other federal grants or aid given directly to the student. Student eligibility for state supported Financial Aid (scholarships, grants, loans) will not be affected by coursework not completed due to military activation or deployment. If a student or student’s spouse is activated or deployed during a semester, the student shall not receive more than one semester of free tuition under this policy.

Each fiscal year the University of Arkansas will report the type and amount of compensatory options provided to students to the Department of Higher Education.

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