Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  411.0 

Line Item Salary Maximum

Section 2 of Act 1089 of 1991 which amends Arkansas Code 6-63-309 governing exceptions to the line item maximum to recruit and retain certain exceptionally well qualified academic personnel, has changed the provisions of Act 147 of 1983 substantially. Section 2 reads as follows:

SECTION 2. Arkansas Code 6-63-309 is hereby amended to read as follows: 'In order that exceptionally well-qualified academic personnel may be recruited and retained, each state-supported institution of higher education may exceed the maximum salary levels by no more than 25% for no more than 10% of the positions authorized in their biennial operations appropriation act as president, chancellor, academic dean, division head or chair, department chair, distinguished professor, university professor, professor, associate professor, assistant professor, instructor, extension specialist IV, extension specialist III, extension specialist I, extension specialist I, county extension agent-chairman I, or county extension agent-chairman II.'

By omission, this amendment eliminates the Arkansas Department of Higher Education's responsibility for reviewing and approving all such exceptions to the line item maximum, and it becomes the responsibility of each institution to monitor its compliance with the law regarding such exceptions.

Requests for exceptions must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chancellor, the President of the University of Arkansas, and the Board of Trustees.

Action that must be taken in order to get approval to pay an employee over the Line Item Maximum is as follows:

  • Submit forms for approval by the Board of Trustees on all "new" individuals that will exceed the LIM in the next fiscal year for which prior approval was not granted. (These individuals would have already been approved by the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Chancellor and President.)
  • Submit a general listing of names and the salary level for any individuals that have previously been approved by the Board for exceeding LIM (i.e., continuation) and have this material carried in the consent agenda.

Therefore, we will actually have two lists, but one will merely be a name and salary listing of previous approvals.

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