Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  415.0 

Use of External Staffing or Temporary Agencies; Temporary Workers

The University of Arkansas seeks to ensure a safe environment and an efficient workforce. To encourage consistent hiring and contracting practices that benefit the University, the University of Arkansas Human Resources department has sole authority to establish and administer contracts with external staffing agencies on behalf of the University, and to delegate such authority to other units within the university. Human Resources shall ensure that any such contracts include appropriate provisions for background checks, consistent with applicable University policies.

Except for any temporary workers employed by a contracted staffing agency under a Human Resources-administered (or authorized) contract, all temporary workers must be employed by the University (following the University’s established hiring practices, including with respect to background checks), and paid through the University payroll system. For purposes of this policy, a “temporary worker” is any hourly worker (student or non-student) serving to fulfill a need that arises from an increased workload, peak season, special event, or absence of an appointed employee where there is no expectation of continued employment.

Temporary workers employed by the University are considered “extra help employees” and are, therefore, limited to 1,250 hours per fiscal year.

This policy does not apply to security for on-campus events.

Approved December 4, 2018