Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  411.2 

Performance Evaluation

In compliance with state law (Arkansas Code §§ 21-5-1001– 21-5-1101), all University employees must be evaluated formally at least annually.

  • Faculty must be evaluated in accordance with Academic Policy Series 1405.10.
  • Non-classified staff must be evaluated annually by their immediate supervisors, using forms and procedures appropriate to their positions and responsibilities.* Supervisors must discuss non-classified evaluations with the employees being evaluated and give them copies of their evaluations. The evaluations should be kept in the employee’s personnel file.
  • A Faculty Senate resolution passed on May 8, 2002, calls for the evaluation of certain non-classified administrators by their constituents.
  • Classified staff must be evaluated annually, at least 30 days prior to their merit eligibility dates** using the approved performance evaluation form (electronic). Supervisors must discuss classified evaluations with the employees being evaluated and allow them access to a copy of their evaluation. The required parts of the evaluation must be completed electronically and forwarded to Human Resources for retention.

OPM regulations require that classified staff be evaluated at the time they end employment with the University. It is good business practice to do exit interviews, during which important points are recorded in writing, with all employees.

*Sample forms are available from Human Resources.

**Full-time classified employees appointed October 1, 2006, or earlier have an October 1 merit eligibility date. Full-time classified employees appointed after October 1, 2006, have a merit eligibility date one year after their appointment date. Part-time classified employees have a merit eligibility date when they have twelve (12) months continuous part-time employment.

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