Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  216.1 

Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC)

The Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) is an advisory committee to the chancellor and is the primary recommending body on all decisions regarding public art on the University of Arkansas campus. Committee members serve a two-year term, and may be reappointed. During the evaluation of artistic materials and projects, the committee will meet as often as necessary. Additional advisory members and specialists may be included as needed for specific tasks and projects.

Responsibilities of the Public Art Advisory Committee include:

  • Prioritizing its tasks and projects to be accomplished within the Public Art Master Plan.
  • Establishing the commissioning process and overseeing the selection of artists.
  • Meeting all goals and objectives for specific projects.
  • Recommending to accept or to decline offers of donated art.
  • Establishing guidelines and procedures for temporary exhibits and displays.
  • Providing a report documenting the selection of works and upcoming exhibits.
  • Establishing criteria by which portable works of art may be loaned to museums.
  • Establishing guidelines for temporary art exhibits (apart from displays in curated galleries, such as the Fine Arts Center Gallery and Anne Kittrell Gallery).

The following representatives will comprise the membership of the committee:

  • Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
  • Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
  • One faculty member from the Art Department
  • One faculty member from the School of Architecture
  • One student
  • One member from Facilities Management
  • Three at-large faculty or staff members
  • One dean
  • Five community members

The chancellor will appoint members of the PAAC and the PAAC chair. Facilities Management is charged with scheduling and implementing the Public Art Master Plan.

A majority of the Public Art Advisory Committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A simple quorum majority is required to recommend acceptance of artwork, commission artists, and conduct other business of the committee. The PAAC recommendations will be submitted by the committee chair to the chancellor for final approval.

Members of the PAAC, their spouses, domestic partners, or immediate family members may not apply for university artwork commissions. For employees or affiliates of the University of Arkansas, the university’s conflict of interest policy shall apply.

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