Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  419.1 

Non-Classified Staff Modified Work Assignment for Maternity and Paternity

The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, seeks to provide an environment conducive to meeting the holistic needs of its staff. As such, this policy has been developed to allow non-classified staff to seek a modified work assignment following childbirth and/or adoption.

During the year, a full-time (100% appointed) non-classified staff member, who has been employed by the university for at least one (1) year, may request a modified work assignment for a period of up to six (6) weeks’ maximum duration (up to 15 weeks under special circumstances), provided that the non-classified staff member must use any available sick leave first. The modified work assignment must be completed within the first twelve months of the time the child has joined the non-classified staff member’s family by birth or adoption. If both parents work for the University and are requesting a modified work assignment, each parent’s request must specify how long the other parent is requesting to be on a modified work assignment.

  1. Description
    Modified work assignments involve modification of job responsibilities as agreed upon between the non-classified staff member and the unit supervisor and may include performing work primarily from home. Departments have flexibility in determining how best to cover the responsibilities of a non-classified staff member who is on a modified work assignment. For example, the department, using its own, division or Vice Chancellor resources, may be able to utilize temporary (RazorTemp) employees to perform necessary functions.

  2. Process
    1. The non-classified staff member applies for the “modified work assignment” through his/her unit supervisor.
    2. In the non-classified staff member’s letter of application, the non-classified staff member must describe the maternity/paternity-related circumstances giving rise to the need for a modified work assignment, and propose how his/her work assignment is to be modified.
    3. The non-classified staff member agrees to use sick leave prior to the commencement of modified work responsibilities and submits an FMLA (Family and Medical Leave Act) application.
    4. The recommendation of the unit supervisor goes to the division supervisor for his/her review and recommendation and then, along with the specific plan for funding coverage of any duties not included in the non-classified staff member’s modified assignment to the appropriate Vice Chancellor for review and a written decision, which shall be final, and which may include changes to the proposed modified work assignment.
    5. The non-classified staff member is asked to provide approximately four (4) months’ notice from the anticipated due date of birth or adoption.

Note: This modified work assignment policy supplements rights of the staff member under the FMLA.

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October 31, 2012