Academic Policy  1405.15 

Teacher and Course Evaluation Procedures

Teacher and Course Evaluations are conducted through CoursEval with the evaluation scheduled for the last week of classes, and scores and comments returned to faculty members 72 hours after final grades have been turned in. This cycle begins early in the term to allow for the process to be completed as scheduled and consistent with Faculty Senate recommendations.

Consistent with Arkansas Higher Education Coordinating Board and Board of Trustees policy requiring student evaluation of teaching, each semester the Teacher and Course Evaluation Process will begin with electronic notification from Information Technology Services.

The attached guidelines should be included with whatever instructions colleges and schools normally provide to faculty for evaluation procedures each semester. All faculty members (except those in the Law School) who are teaching organized classes (as opposed to individual instruction) are required to take part in the teacher and course evaluation process each term and to follow these guidelines unless the class enrollment is fewer than five, in which case evaluation by this system is not required. Other evaluation tools established by the program or department should be used for assessment of individual instruction including thesis and dissertation direction and for very small classes. The Law School has a different system of student evaluation.

Reformatted for Web October 1, 2014