Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  702.1 

Building Executives - Duties and Responsibilities

The building executive for each campus facility is the main contact person for that facility. Individuals in the building will contact the building executive relative to problems and concerns, and the building executive will coordinate with Facilities Management, or other University department, to address issues. The building executive will also serve as a key contact for Facilities Management in providing feedback on the condition of academic and administrative space, helping to determine building priorities and identify problems. Listed below is a summary of some of the major duties and responsibilities of a building executive:

The contact person for the building in case of emergencies, both from building occupants and to Facilities Management, University Police, etc. Emergencies may include any of the following conditions:

    • Natural Disaster
    • Bomb Threat
    • Power Outage
    • Medical Emergency
    • Fire
    • Hazardous Material Condition

The contact person for the building relative to any facility problems or problems relative to the grounds immediately surrounding the facility. This includes the following:

    • Building Repair/Maintenance Problems
    • Building Security Problems
    • Building Signs and Directory
    • Problems Relative to the Grounds and Lighting immediately Surrounding the Facility
    • Health and Safety Issues Relative to the Facility and Grounds Surrounding the Facility

The contact person for the building relative to communicating issues regarding the facility to building occupants. The building executive is also the primary communication contact by the University relative to matters affecting space.

The building executive is:

    • The individual in the building required to approve key requests for access to the building (for external doors only).
    • The main contact for the facility to oversee safety procedures for the building and directing individuals to proper contacts for the "Right to Know Law" information.
    • The contact for any renovations in the building. Facilities Management will review all renovations in the facility with the building executive prior to initiating action.
    • The contact for recycling program administered by Facilities Management.

In buildings housing academic (teaching) facilities, the building executive is the person to whom individuals who teach in the building report their needs and problems with the facilities and teaching equipment and who is responsible for seeing that such reports get a prompt response. In areas of Facilities Management responsibility, the building executive will assist faculty in reporting problems or needs. In connection with his or her duties, the executive will make periodic reviews of the facilities and report to the dean on maintenance and renovation needs. The building executive may also be responsible for maintaining a secure storage for equipment which cannot be left in the classroom(s).

The building executive for each facility will be appointed by the dean, director, or department head of the school, college, or auxiliary that occupies or makes the greatest use of the building. When practical, building executives should be an occupant of the facility each represents. There is no term of appointment for the building executive, as the individual will serve in this capacity until he or she formally resigns or a new individual is appointed. To the greatest extent possible it is hoped that building executives will have long tenures in this role.

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