Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  703.0 

Campus Roads, Streets and Parking

It is important that Facilities Management be directly involved in anything that is planned for the campus that affects the grounds or facilities. All departments must review plans with Facilities Management prior to taking any action.

Each of the areas is defined as to what program is responsible for supporting the maintenance for all roads, streets, and parking on campus. These responsible entities include (a) city, (b) state, (c) Facilities Management, and/or (d) Transit and Parking.

Facilities Management is officially responsible for internal and external coordination on all roads and streets. This means it will work with the city and state on a regular basis to continue the maintenance and development of roads and streets on campus; and that it will review all roads and streets on campus and assure that these are in good order.

Transit and Parking is officially responsible for internal and external coordination on all parking issues. That means it will work with the city, state and Facilities Management on a regular basis to continue the maintenance and development of parking on campus; that it will review all parking lots on campus and ensure that they are in good order; and that it will coordinate all planning for campus parking internally through Facilities Management.

As with all campus projects, no action will be taken to implement facility changes to the campus without approval by Facilities Management first.

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May 24, 1990