Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  313.0 

Installment Payment Plan for Tuition and Fees

University students may pay current tuition, fees, and housing charges for the semester by installment payments. The university charges a non-refundable administration fee for this service as listed in Fayetteville Policies and Procedures 511.1. The Installment Payment Plan will not be considered complete until the student or parent has selected a payment plan, agreed to the terms and conditions  and paid the administration fee.

The Installment Payment Plan must be renewed each semester.

Changes in financial aid, enrollment, housing or any other charge may cause the account balance to change, resulting in a change in the monthly installment amount.

Financial Aid and scholarships are applied to the student’s account as they are received by the University of Arkansas, reducing the amount of the monthly payment. If financial aid or scholarships pay the account in full, the payment plan becomes invalid but still incurs the administration fee.

If payments are not kept current on the payment plan, a registration hold may be placed on the student account per Fayetteville Policy and Procedures 505.0 and you may be subject to late fees.  Missing two payments will cancel the payment plan and all charges become due with the original due date.

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