Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  204.0 

Disabled Persons Van Service

Paratransit Service is available in an area three quarters of a mile in any direction from any of the fixed routes during normal transit operating hours. A map indicating boundaries of the service area is available upon request. Persons living outside of the paratransit service area may coordinate a pickup location, within the service area, through the paratransit manager.

Applications in accessible format (i.e. Braille, large print or audio tape) will be made available upon request.

Personal Care Attendants will not be provided by Razorback Transit. The van driver's responsibility is to safely transport passengers from their point of origin to their destination. Another person, accompanying the eligible passenger for the purpose of assistance, is considered eligible to be transported as long as the assisting person’s point of origin and destination are the same as for the eligible passenger. While Razorback Transit’s base mode of service is curb-to-curb, some assistance beyond the curb may be available, on a case-by-case basis, as permitted by law.

Visitor's Requests for Paratransit Service will be honored, with proof of eligibility from another paratransit provider, for twenty one (21) calendar days from the date of first service. The visitor must submit an application to Razorback Transit for service beyond that period. 

Next Day Service will be granted (from schedule requests made the previous day) within one hour on either side of the requested trip time. Requests for next day service will be taken between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4 p.m. on normal business days. Requests made on weekends and holidays, via voice mail, will be honored for next day service. Please call 479-575-6993 for all schedule requests. It is the responsibility of the passenger to follow up on any messages left for ride service and to confirm scheduled pick up times.

Subscription Service or Standing Request Scheduling will be allowed at the discretion of Razorback Transit and is limited in its manner of service. Primary consideration for this service will be given to eligible passengers with a permanent work or school schedule during peak transportation hours in the mornings and afternoons. Same Day Requests for Service will not be accepted by Razorback Transit.

Same Day Schedule Changes or Alterations for a person, who is already on the schedule for the day, will be allowed only if and when feasible. Approved changes will be on a first come first served and space available basis. To cancel a ride or make changes on the same day, please call 479-575-6993 as early in the day as possible.

Passenger No Shows for scheduled rides seriously affects the scheduling efficiency of the van service and the schedules of other passengers. A passenger will be considered a no show if not at the pick up location within five minutes after the scheduled pick up time. If a passenger is recorded as a no show for any ride, Razorback Transit will consider all subsequent scheduled rides on the same day as valid unless the passenger calls to cancel these rides. Three no shows in the course of a three month period could be cause for suspension of paratransit services. Notification of suspension of services will be presented in writing to the passenger along with an explanation of the appeal process.

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