Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  711.0 

Commemorating Landscape Gifts

The following is the policy on commemorating landscape gifts to the University:

  1. Trees and other plant material

    Guidelines for Donors
    The University of Arkansas graciously welcomes gifts of plant material to the University campus. Landscaping is a valued addition to our campus and enhances the beauty of our scenic campus.

    Facilities Management requires several weeks of advance notice to coordinate the memorial landscaping. The best time to plant trees and shrubs in Northwest Arkansas is in the months of February and March. However, some species can be planted in the autumn months. Facilities Management will accommodate special requests for planting dates when possible. 

    The location and species of plant material is determined by working with the campus Landscape Architect to determine an appropriate site in accordance with the University Master plan.

    Landscape memorials become the property of the University of Arkansas. Each item is guaranteed and will be maintained by the Facilities Management Grounds Department. Facilities Management keeps a permanent record of the plant material, and the University of Arkansas Foundation records the value of the gift. In addition, plaques or markers will be flush with the ground for maintenance reasons. Please see II. Landscape Amenities below for size of plaque.

    Fee schedule: $1,000.00

    The cost provides one of the following:
    • 2” to 1-1/2” caliper shade tree
    • 1-3/4” to 2” caliper flowering tree
    • 7’-8’ evergreen tree
    • 12 square feet of ground cover or shrubs
    Bronze Plaque or Marker Cost
    (not raised above level of mower blades)
    Total $1,000.00

    The following steps are necessary to complete a landscape memorial donation:
    • Prospective donor should contact the Associate Vice Chancellor for Development, Development Office, University House, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR 72701 who will coordinate a meeting with Facilities Management’s Landscape Architect to determine a location and species of plant material in keeping with the University Master plan. Once the details are approved, the AVC will process the appropriate gift form.
    • After gift completion, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Development will coordinate the installation of the plant material with Facilities Management.
    • The Campus Landscape Architect will coordinate with the Grounds Department to have the plant material installed.
    • The Associate Vice Chancellor for Development will send a certificate of appreciation to the donor after the planted material has been installed.

  2. Landscape amenities
    Amenities such as fountains, pools, clock towers, and pavilions, may be commemorated with a plaque that shall not exceed 48" square inches (6" x 8") and the wording shall be limited to the following: Gift of (donor) and date. In addition, the following guidelines shall be met before the gift is accepted:
    1. A measured (scale) drawing of the amenity with design specifications covering the donor's intentions concerning colors, lighting, plumbing, etc., shall be submitted for review by the University.
    2. The donor shall provide monies for installing the gift as well as all electrical and plumbing connections, if applicable.
    3. The donor shall provide maintenance funds for the upkeep of the gift item. An estimate of probable maintenance cost shall be given to the donor by the University.
    4. The campus location for the gift shall be set by the University following consideration of the recommendation of the Campus Landscape and Grounds Committee.
    5. The donated item may be relocated by the University without the expressed consent of the donor if relocation is needed for remodeling, new construction or safety/security reasons.
    6. The donor designation shall be the name of an organization, a family, or an individual.
    7. The commemorative plaque shall be affixed to the structure itself or its base and cannot be at a separate location removed from the structure.
    8. The material of the plaque shall be in harmony with the structure and be consistent with materials already accepted for use on the campus (e.g., Chi-Omega Fountain).
    9. The donor shall bear the cost of the commemorative plaque and its installation.

  3. Landscape furniture
    Individual items of landscape furniture (benches, kiosks, tables, etc.) donated to the campus shall be acknowledged as with plant material. Any donation of a landscape area of significant size, to include paving and landscape furniture, as well as plant material, may be lines for landscape amenities.

  4. Landscape structures.
    Landscape structures considered "buildings" intended as an academic area, research space or center of student activity (e.g., amphitheatre) may be commemorated with a plaque in accordance with guidelines for landscape amenities. A free standing building identification sign conforming to the accepted campus standard (e.g., Chi-Omega Greek Theatre) may be erected. The size, location and orientation of such sign shall be determined by the University.

  5. Acceptance of gifts
    Landscape gifts deemed inappropriate for the campus image may be refused.

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