Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  320.0 

Parking & Traffic Fees

Fees below reflect those approved for the 2017-18 academic year.

Moving Violation Fees

Careless driving $70.00
Driving where prohibited 100.00
Failure to obey police officer 60.00
Failure to yield 45.00
Failure to yield to emergency vehicle 60.00
Failure to yield to pedestrian 90.00
Hazardous driving 80.00
Improper passing 40.00
Improper turn 40.00
Leaving the scene of an accident 70.00
No motorcycle helmet (under 21 years old) 40.00
Reckless driving (as defined by Arkansas Statutes) 70.00
Running stop light 45.00
Running stop sign 45.00
Speed too fast for conditions 50.00
Speeding 1-10 mph over limit 50.00
Speeding 11-15 mph over limit 60.00
Speeding 16 and greater mph over limit 70.00
Wrong way on one-way street 40.00
All other moving violations 40.00

Parking Permit Fees

24-Hour Reserved 1,139.88
All-Area Reserved 917.32
Appeal Fee 10.00
Faculty/Staff Reserved 663.79
Resident Reserved 645.35
Reserved Disabled Student 177.39
Faculty/Staff greater than or equal to $40K annual salary/Visitor/Vendor 185.12
Faculty/Staff less than $40K annual salary 126.90
Student 99.55
Remote 66.96
Meter Fees: Lot 26 (per hour) 2.70
Meter Fees: Harmon Avenue Garage (per hour) 1.70
Meter Fees: Short-term 30-min Max, gold case meters (per hour) 1.00
Meter Fees: Other (per hour) 1.70
Motorcycle 66.96
Parking Garage Reserved 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 879.67
Parking Garage One Day Temporary 16.28
Scooter 66.96
Scooter Reserved 200.87
Temporary (per day) 7.25
Temporary (per week) 29.01
Parking Permit Fees: Summer School Only
24-hour Reserved 285.01
All-area Reserved 229.33
Faculty/Staff Reserved 172.69
Resident Reserved 86.20
Reserved Disabled Student 44.38
Faculty/Staff greater than or equal to $40K annual salary/Visitor/Vendor 46.32
Faculty/Staff less than $40K annual salary 32.77
Student 27.13
Remote 21.70
Motorcycle 21.70
Parking Garage Reserved 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 219.96
Parking Garage One Day Temporary 16.28
Scooter 21.70
Scooter Reserved 50.22
Temporary (per day) 7.25
Temporary (per week) 29.01

Parking Violation Fees

All violation charges increase $10 after 3rd citation for same violation in a fiscal year

Blocking a legally parked vehicle 25.00
Boot Fee 30.00
Disregard of barricades 20.00
Driving or parking on grass or lawn area, or sidewalk 30.00
Failure to remit garage parking fee 100.00
Failure to vacate Athletic parking prohibited by sign 100.00
Illegal use of permit/license plate (reproducing, altering or defacing, or using revoked, transferred, unauthorized permits/license plates, or another person's permit/license plate, or more than one registered vehicle per e-permit on campus at a time) 100.00
Improper parking (disregard of stall lines, more than one foot from curb, & facing wrong direction) 20.00
Meter Violation 20.00
Overtime parking 20.00
Parking in area not designated as a parking area 20.00
Parking in crosswalk 25.00
Parking in lot or space not authorized by permit 50.00
Parking on campus while parking privileges are suspended 100.00
Parking on University of Arkansas property without permit 50.00
Parking over curb 20.00
Parking overnight in a lot where overnight parking is prohibited 75.00
Parking where prohibited by sign 25.00
Parking where prohibited by yellow lines or curb 25.00
Permit or vehicle license plate not properly affixed or displayed 10.00
Safety hazard (parking in fire lane, sidewalk, blocking drive, blocking fire hydrant, standing where prohibited, or improper use of skates or skateboards) 50.00
Unauthorized parking in or blocking of a disabled person parking space or access aisle 200.00
Unauthorized removal of a boot 100.00


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