Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  511.1 

Fees Fall 2014

Mandatory Fees

Per Semester Credit Hour

Facilities Fee $ 10.00
Library Fee 2.50
Media Fee 0.69
Network & Data Systems Fee 8.44
Student Activity Fee 2.64
Student Health Fee 7.25
Transit Fee 2.65

Teaching Equipment and Laboratory Enhancement Fees

Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences 22.00
Architecture General Education 26.36
Arts and Sciences 12.00
Business 21.50
Education and Health Professions 14.40
Engineering 32.18
Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences 22.00
Arts and Sciences 12.05
Business 22.50
Education and Health Professions 12.95
Engineering 37.81
Law 15.50
The credit hour fee for the Fayetteville campus supporting an intercollegiate athletic program is $0.00.  

Non-Mandatory Fees

College/Course Specific Fees

College of Architecture  
College of Architecture Interior Design Fee: IDES 1034, 1044, 2805, 2815, 3805, 3815, 4805, 4815 15.00
College of Architecture Interior Design Travel Fee (per academic plan) 100.00
International Study Fee for Architecture and Landscape Architecture Academic Plans (due initial Semester of enrollment paid in semester installments): 4,646.00
College of Arts and Sciences  
Expendable ARTS Supplies (effective Summer 2014 Academic Semester) (per credit hour for all ARTS courses) 41.67
MAT Fifth-year Internship Fee (per semester) ARED 476V & MUED 451V 100.00
College of Business  
Sam M. Walton College of Business WCOB 1120 course fee, computer competency 58.50
College of Education & Health Professions  
Fee recovery based on agreement with external organization(s):  
BSE 4th-Year Student Teaching Fee (CIED 4173, CATE 406X, PHED 407V) (per semester) 250.00
Internship for Communication Disorder CDIS 578V (per semester) 100.00
Malpractice liability insurance (annual) 14.50
MAT Fifth-year Internship Fee (per semester) CIED 508V, CIED 514V, CIED 528V, PHED 507V, CATE 5016 250.00
Nursing Test Fee (per semester) 1st semester Junior year 132.50
Nursing Test Fee (per semester) 2nd semester Junior year, 1st & 2nd semester Senior year 132.50
Off-campus Internship: Clinical Site CDIS 558V (per semester) 100.00
Off-campus Practicum: Clinical Site CDIS 568V (per semester) 50.00
Off-campus Practicum: Public School Site CDIS 548V (per semester) 50.00
Communication Disorders Clinical Fee (CDIS 528V, CDIS 5381, CDIS 5391, CDIS 4001) (per credit hour) 100.00
Counseling Internship Fee (CNED 574V & CNED 674V section 1) (per credit hour) 25.00
Counseling Practicum Fee (CNED 5343 & CNED 6711) (per credit hour) 25.00
Curriculum Instruction Education Internship Fee (CIED 3113, 4113, CIED 3133, CIED 4133, CIED 3123, CIED 4173, CIED 514V, CIED 528V, CIED 3263, CIED 4153, CIED 4143, CIED 3033, CIED 3143, CIED 3003/3001, CIED 3103 ) (per credit hour) 15.00
First Responder Special Course Fee (HLSC 3633) (per credit hour) 5.00
HHPR Internship Fee KINS 4903 (per credit hour) 15.00
HHPR Internship Fee RESM 440V (per semester) 10.00
Internship Program in Ed Leadership and support for Leadership seminars (EDLE 574V & EDLE 674V) (per semester) 25.00
Laboratory Fee for Practicum in Special Education CIED 532V 25.00
Nursing Clinical Fee (NURS 3321L, NURS 3424, NURS 3644, NURS 3752, NURS 4164, NURS 4252, NURS 4452, NURS 4613, NURS 4722) (per credit hour) 145.00
Outdoor Adventure Leadership Fee (RESM 4023) (per credit hour) 40.00
PEAC 1811 Beginning Canoeing (per credit hour) 25.00
PEAC 1831 Beginning Scuba Diving (per credit hour) 155.00
PHED 3002 Teaching and Leading Outdoor Recreation and Experiential Activities (per course) 10.00
PHED 407V Student Teaching Supervision 45.00
Rehabilitation Internship & Practicum Fee (RHAB 534V & RHAB 574V) (per semester) 75.00
RESM 1023 Recreation and Natural Resources (per course) 20.00
College of Engineering  
College of Engineering MEEG 2100 course fee, computer aided design (CAD) competency 50.00
Off-campus Engineering Graduate Courses:  
Distance Technology fee (per credit hour) 50.00
Operations Management:  
Distance Technology fee (per credit hour) 50.00

Program/Service Specific Fees

College of Agricultural, Food and Life Sciences  
Jean Tyson Child Development Study Center:  
Infants (per week) 250.00
Toddlers (per week) 250.00
Preschool (per week) 250.00
Materials (per semester) 35.00
College of Education & Health Professions  
Autism Support Program Fee (per Semester) 5,000.00
Nursing Application Fee (BSN & RN-BSN) 45.00
Nursing Application Fee (MSN & DNP) 40.00
Teacher Education Application Fee (per application submission) 50.00
Enrollment Services  
Late Registration Fee - Prior to Census Day 25.00
Late Registration Fee - After Census Day 50.00
New Student Orientation Fees: Students (New Admits Only) 85.00
Transcript Fee (copy of permanent record) 5.00
Undergraduate Application Fee, Resident (Not to be applied against registration fee) 40.00
Undergraduate Application Fee, Non-Resident (Not to be applied against registration fee) 50.00
Graduation Fees:  
Baccalaureate Degree 75.00
Certificate 45.00
Graduation Application Late Fee 25.00
Juris Doctor and Master of Laws 90.00
Master's Degrees and Education Specialist 5.00
Ph.D. and Ed.D. Degrees 95.00
Global Campus  
Extention Fee 30.00
Global Campus Fee 25.00
Graduate School  
Application Fee (Non-immigrants) 50.00
Graduate Application Fee (Not to be applied against registration fee if applicant enrolls--to be valid for a period of one calendar year) 40.00
Graduate Application Late Fee - Domestic 25.00
Graduate Application Late Fee - International 50.00
Graduate Document Processing Fee 25.00
Dissertation Fee 65.00
Master's Thesis 55.00
International Graduate Orientation Fee 42.00
International Student Service Fee (Non-immigrants) 87.00
International Visiting Student Program fee 250.00
Sponsored Student Management Fee 300.00
Study Abroad Service Fee (per program, Fall and/or Spring) 200.00
Study Abroad Service Fee (per program, Summer) 100.00
Testing Fees:  
Test Handling Fee 20.00
CLEP Registration Fee (CLEP) 25.00
Compass 35.00
English Language Placement Test (ELPT) Fee 15.00
IELTS Registration Fee 205.00
Miller Analogies Test (MAT) 70.00
Residual ACT 50.00
Spoken Language Placement Test (SLPT) 70.00
TOEFL 60.00
Student Affairs  
First Year Experience (New Admits Only) 55.00
I.D. Card Fee (non-refundable) 22.00
I.D. Replacement Card (non-refundable) 18.00
Mandatory International Student Health Insurance (per year) 1,900.00
New Student Orientation Fees: Parents 50.00
Non-Refundable Residence Hall Application Fee 40.00
Treasurer's Office  
Additional Late Payment Fee at Nov 30 for Fall, Apr 30 for Spring 50.00
Installment Payment Plan Fee 29.00
Late Payment Fee at Sept 30 for Fall, Feb 28 for Spring, and July for Summer 50.00
Withdrawal from University fee 45.00

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