Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  324.0 

Contracts for Services - Professional and Consultant Services (PCS) Contracts and Technical and General Services (TGS) Contracts


University of Arkansas contracts for services may be subject to certain competitive source selection and legislative report and review requirements. As used in this policy, the term "Services" includes consulting services; personal services; professional services; technical and general services; and the furnishing of labor, time, or effort by a contractor for the generation, customization, configuration, or development of software and other intangible property other than technical support incidental to the procurement of proprietary software. Exempt commodities and services and other agreements exempt by law are not considered to be Services for the purposes of this policy.  Contracts for Services are referred to as “Services Contracts.”

The determination of whether legislative reporting or review is required for a particular Service Contract depends, in part, on the dollar amount of the contract. Services Contracts that are reported to the Arkansas Legislative Council or submitted to the Legislative Council for review require a Services Contract Form.  A general summary of the dollar thresholds is as follows:

         $0 - $24,999         

Does not require Services Contract Form.


(Note that the $20,000 bid threshold does apply.)

          $25,000 – $49,999

Services Contract Form + attachments required.



Reported to State Procurement and Legislative Council.


          $50,000 – Up       

Services Contract Form + attachments required.


Approval by Legislative Council required.


The above dollar ranges are for the PROJECTED GRAND TOTAL of the contract (i.e., an initial contract for $30,000 that is expected to be amended to over $50,000 requires Legislative Council approval). 


  1. $0-20,000– May be processed on a purchase order via submission of a “Services” Requisition in WorkDay prior to performance of the services. (If services with the same individual or firm exceed $20,000 in one Fiscal Year, the total dollar amount should be used to determine the applicable dollar range and requirements below.)

    Required Forms:
    • “Services” Requisition entered into WorkDay.

  2. $20,001 - $24,999– Same as $0-20,000 requirements PLUS: Three Bid Quotations. Required Forms:
  3. $25,000 - $49,999 – Same as $20,001-24,999 PLUS: Completion of Services Contract Form and mandatory attachments. Contracts are reported to the Office of State Procurement on a monthly basis. All forms are to be submitted to Business Services prior to performance of the services. Signature is by University Agency Purchasing Official. Required forms in addition to above:
  4. $50,000 – $74,999– Same as $25,000-49,999 EXCEPT: Requires PRE-APPROVAL by Legislative Council.
  5. $75,000 & Above - Same as $50,000-74,999 requirements PLUS: Completion of formal Invitation for Bid or Request for Proposal.
      • NOTE: Sole Sources and/or Special Procurements are strongly discouraged and will be approved only rarely in special circumstances. Contact Procurement for further information.
  • Amendments which are time extension only and do not change the Projected Grand Total or the essential Scope of Work do not have to be submitted for Legislative Council approval. These are reported monthly to State Procurement and Legislative Council.
  • Amendments require the same attachments as above, minus the Equal Opportunity (EO) policy. New EO documentation is required only if the company’s EO policy has changed.
  • All reviews and approvals must occur prior to contract beginning date.
  • Amendments to extend ending date and/or adjust funding require the same steps as above.
  • Legislative Council may review or exempt from review any contract or group of contracts.
  • The University’s Vice Chancellor for Government Relations (or designee) is present at all Legislative Council meetings. At the Vice Chancellor’s discretion, a person with detailed knowledge of the contract may also be required to attend.

Additional information and instructions can be found on the Procurement website:

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