Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  729.0 

UARKnet Connection

The administration of the University of Arkansas will be financially responsible for the network electronics to connect all academic and general (E&G) facilities located on campus to the computer network as part of the infrastructure. This means the University will fund the installation of core backbone network equipment and necessary interfaces for each academic E&G building on campus. This connection will include the necessary equipment to accommodate one of two types of networking environments: ATM or Ethernet. The bandwidth associated with each connection to the core network will be based upon the demonstrated need of the occupants of the building.

Buildings that are not classified as academic E&G or are located off campus will bear all of the expense of attaching to the UARKnet backbone network. Depending on existing configurations, connecting expenses could include a networking card in a router/switch, fiber optic cable installation and termination, and the necessary equipment to transmit digital signals through the fiber cable. Networking options of ATM or Ethernet may be selected in consultation with IT Services. All purchases and installation will be managed by UARKnet management and billed to the department as a service charge. UARKnet will retain ownership and management responsibility of all networking equipment and cable.

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