Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  321.0 

Undelivered Payroll Checks and Final Payroll Checks

Final Paychecks for Terminating Employees

The Treasurer's Office disburses final paychecks to terminating employees in the same manner in which the employee is normally paid (direct deposit, department pickup, etc.)

Any indebtedness to the University of Arkansas may be deducted from the terminating employee's final paycheck.

In extenuating circumstances, either the Payroll Office or the Treasurer's Office may cancel a direct deposit request and issue a check.

Direct questions regarding outstanding debts to the Treasurer's Office at 575-5651.

Direct questions regarding the termination process to the Human Resources Department at 575-5351.

Undelivered Paychecks

Departments may hold employee paychecks up to two weeks before returning them to the Treasurer's Office along with any information that may help the Treasurer's Office disburse them. Every effort will be made by the Treasurer's Office to deliver the paycheck to the employee. Unclaimed checks are held in the Central Cashier's Office until they become stale-dated, six months from the date of issue. The checks are then defaced and turned over to the Controller's Office for cancellation.

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July 1, 1991