Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  718.0 

Prohibition of Pets on Campus

In the interest of promoting greater personal safety, a more healthful environment and increased maintenance efficiency in campus educational, administrative, and general purpose buildings, and on the campus grounds surrounding these facilities, the presence of pets in these areas is prohibited.

Exceptions to this policy are limited to service animals for people with disabilities; animals, fish, fowl or reptiles under the control of and used by academic departments for approved teaching and/or research purposes; and those animals, fish, fowl or reptiles used in approved art performances.

Primary responsibility for implementing this policy shall rest with the following:

  • Academic deans, department heads, and faculty for academic, academic support and research space assigned to their respective college and/or department;
  • Directors and department heads for administrative and administrative support space assigned to their respective function;
  • Personnel of the Department of Public Safety and/or Facilities Management for unassigned space, general purpose facilities and campus grounds.

Uncooperative staff members will be referred to their respective department head, director, or administrator; students will be referred to the Judicial Board; and faculty members will be referred to their department head and/or the dean of their college for appropriate action.

This memorandum does not affect policies now in existence as published and enforced by auxiliary activities such as Residence Life, Residence Dining and Arkansas Union.

Reformatted for Web April 23, 2014
Revised March 6, 2001
March 14, 1978