Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  717.0 

Portable Buildings on Campus

Portable buildings, sheds or storage trailers shall not be permitted on campus, except for temporary use at monitored construction sites, because such structures do not reflect the aesthetic quality desired in campus buildings.

Portable buildings, sheds and storage trailers shall be permitted only for the convenience and efficiency of contractors and such facilities will only be permitted until construction projects are completed. The number, type and desired location of temporary portable structures brought to or constructed on site shall require prior approval of the associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities.

Requests for transport of portable structures to a campus construction site or fabrication on site shall include:

  • size, description and fabrication material for each structure,
  • intended site location,
  • inclusive dates of need for temporary structures,
  • materials to be stored or other intended use.

Consent for any temporary building/facility shall be based on justified need and adherence to requirements provided by Facilities Management and the Campus Landscape and Grounds Committee. Failure to abide by such requirements or failure to remove a portable facility at the prescribed date may result in impoundment of the facility and its contents by Facilities Management and removal or dismantling at the owner's expense.

Reformatted for Web April 23, 2014
June, 1988