Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  332.3 

Travel Administrators

Revised state travel regulations, effective January 1, 2003, state that in large governmental units, it may not be feasible for the administrative head of the agency, department or institution to act as travel administrator. In this case, he or she may designate other responsible officials to act as his or her agent(s) and to be referred to as travel administrator.

The employees of the Office of Travel Services have been designated as the travel administrators for the University of Arkansas.

This designation does not replace the responsibility of campus departments for insuring that all travel conducted by their unit is in compliance with university and state policy and procedures regarding acceptable travel expenses.

Requests to travel are electronically routed by the company cost center (s) for which the travel expenses are funded through the BASIS travel authorization and travel reimbursement processes.

The traveler and either the department head or other authorized agent of the department must approve all travel claims. The traveler and authorized agent may not be the same person.

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Revised January 1, 2005