Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  313.1 

Internet Access—University Payment for Off-Campus Locations

The university may pay installation, initial data network equipment and monthly service costs for remote data access off-campus for employees under the following conditions:

  • The employee requires remote data access to meet work-related responsibilities at the university as determined by the employee’s supervisor.
  • The employee is responsible for all installation and maintenance of any permanent network infrastructure (e.g., cabling, hubs, switches) installed in the home that is not considered to be part of the ISP's normal installation.
  • The employee certifies that the services will not be used for either “for profit” business activities or for “political” purposes.
  • Eligibility for such payment is approved by the cognizant department head, dean, vice chancellor/provost or the chancellor.
  • Payment is approved by the budget unit head to be charged. Such approval is signified by approval of the requisition authorizing payment.
  • The ISP providing the service is a reasonable cost provider of comparable remote data service in the service area at the time that service is initiated.
  • The University of Arkansas assumes no support responsibility for the commercial remote access services. Support should be obtained through the normal channels provided by the ISP.
  • The employee certifies that any personal use of the access service is either incidental in nature or the non-university use is monitored, logged and paid for by the individual. Such shared-payment scenarios should be disclosed and justified as part of the eligibility approval process, or at the time any such shared use is begun.
  • Eligibility ceases with separation from the university and is approved annually.
  • To initiate payment for off-campus data access under this policy, a department should submit an electronic requisition in BASIS along with a justification that clearly describes the need and circumstances of the request to the Procurement Office. A justification form for this purpose is available online at procurement.uark.edu; click on forms.

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