Administrator Grievance Procedure

An administrator (including, but not limited to, a vice chancellor or associate vice chancellor, dean, director, or department head or chair) who has a grievance should first discuss the matter with their supervisor and seek to resolve the matter informally. If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily, the grievant should reduce the complaint to writing and send copies to the supervisor and to the Chancellor. The supervisor should respond in writing with copies to the Chancellor and the grievant. If the supervisor’s written response does not resolve the grievance, the Chancellor will review the matter and make a decision, which shall be final. The Chancellor may delegate review and decision under this procedure to the Provost or to an appropriate vice chancellor or dean who is not the subject of the grievance. If the supervisor is the Chancellor, the matter will be reviewed by the President or a designee. The administrator grievance procedure is distinct from the university’s complaint procedures for employees for matters involving allegations of:

  • Unlawful harassment, discrimination, pay inequities, reasonable accommodations for disabilities, and/or retaliation.
  • Sexual and/or gender-based harassment.
  • Workplace violence.

Matters that fall under these complaint procedures and/or any disciplinary action that occurs as a result, may not be reviewed under the grievance procedure.

Questions regarding applicability of this procedure shall be determined by the Chancellor. Definition of an Administrator is provided in the Staff Handbook